Alan Doyle

by Frank on April 7, 2012

Alan Doyle has been doing Hip-Hop music for nine years & recently started performing in late 2010. He has made three CDs & online music in the past; now he is working on a current album & an EP.

Often compared to Johnny Polygon, Jay-Z & Kanye West, the kind of Hip-Hop Alan makes is described as a tribute to the old school in the modern days. He makes important that the verses are as important as the hook (chorus). Also, he also makes his own instrumentals & mixes the tracks for recordings & performances.

P.S.: Who’s your number?


by Frank on April 7, 2012

K-sides has been together for about a year and a half. The goal is to explore the vast untapped potential in the Tulsa music scene and release it. Some call it “putting the show back in the show”. If people are gonna stop throwing that money into the movie theaters on the weekend and start investing it in the local music scene then they’re gonna need a reason. The current album “color me shine” is based on the comic of the same name that I’m writing. The band is about uniting Tulsa and the arts through music.

We don’t quite have a genre and you kinda have to see a show to get that. Some have called us “art rock” but when asked what kind of music we play I just say “good music”

I wanted to create something my 4 year old niece, all my friends, and my mother could enjoy. So far I’ve been told that we’ve done just that.


by Frank on April 7, 2012

If it sounds fun to play, it is. NoWater is Rock n Roll built around the concept of playing music that is fun. Newwave punk rock band from Tulsa, OK that formed in 2010. Garrett on the Bass, Jeff on the Drums, and Orion on Guitar/Vocals. experimental psyence rock & roll fucking awesome industrial new wave surf.


by Frank on April 3, 2012

We are a power-trio of nuclear powered jazz reggae blues musicians emerging from Tulsa, OK. Formed in Feb. 2011 Bloomfield is young but has great potential. Bloomfield won the Back to School battle of the bands in September and played live on the radio. You won’t be disappointed.

Dialin Watts

by Frank on April 2, 2012

Dialin Watts is a hard math-rock band from Wichita, KS. They started in the winter of 2008. They have been described as having sounds straight out of a vampire flick sound track (Mikey would like to note that this was stated before the Twilight series came out).


by Frank on March 28, 2012

Shazbot is my alias for producing electronic music, both in studio and in live shows. I write soundtracks for the daydreams and nightmares of the lonely six-year-old boy that lives inside my head. Parts of me have never grown up.

I’ve been making tracks and playing shows both locally and internationally for about seven years now. I’ve played all sorts of shows: local battles-of-the-bands and other concerts, house parties, friends’ weddings, marathon roadside entertainment, Ukrainian raves. No, I’m not making this up.

Aaron Hale

by Frank on March 28, 2012

Aaron Hale is an upcoming protest and blues singer/songwriter. The current songs are demos. In February, Aaron will be recording full band versions of these songs and more with some of the members from The Flatland Travelers and Taddy Porter. Most recently Aaron has toured with Austin psych-jam band:Holding Space, and has taken time off to write/record.


by Frank on March 28, 2012

Axis was formed in the eve of 2003 by Steven Blackwell and Jason Doherty, with the single purpose of ..creating a project with meaning, motivation and endurance. A musical monolith to carry the voice of those dissatisfied with the world around them and the contrived voices of mankinds existence. As the project got underway, new members were added to fill in the final pieces. Hand chosen for their drive and ambition. Just as each line of the Axis originates from a different path than the next, each member is forged from different backgrounds allowing the music to incorporate unique blends of synth pop, industrial, punk, noise, fodder, and gothic into one massive project.

Roots of Thought

by Frank on March 28, 2012

Roots of Thought is a group of young healthy boys that conjures up a funky psychedelic alternative kind of noise.We have been jamming like jelly since 2010. Our objective in life is to spread our music to each persons set of ears, while showing the world what love, peace, and happiness can bring to life. We have a good time, and we hope that you have a good experience from us. One love.